Trust Expert Immigration Advice for Spousal Sponsorship to Canada

Spousal Sponsorship Program

>Spousal Sponsorship Program is one of the programs under the Family Class Immigration category. It has two categories depending on your location – Inland and Outland Sponsorship. As the name indicates, the program outline is as described:

Inland Sponsorship

Eligibility: A Canadian citizen or permanent resident & residing in Canada along with spouse or common-law partner

BenefitsYour spouse or common-law partner may apply for an open work permit while the sponsorship application is in process.

Refusal: In case of a refusal, an Inland application cannot be appealed. It is advisable to reapply with stronger documentation than incur much higher expenses by opting for a judicial review.

Outland Sponsorship

Eligibility: A Canadian citizen along with the sponsored spouse currently residing in or out of Canada OR a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Canada, while your spouse or common-law partner is outside Canada.

Benefits: Your spouse may apply for a visitor visa while your sponsorship is in process.

Refusal: In case of a refusal in an outland sponsorship application, the same can be appealed at the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)