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Temporary Resident Permit TRP

Canada’s primary criteria to issue a travel permit to anyone is their admissibility to Canada. In case you are inadmissible to Canada, a Temporary Resident Permit may allow you to overcome the status temporarily if you can establish a credible and significant reason for your visit.

A Temporary Resident Permit, formerly known as the ‘minister’s permit’, may be issued at the discretion of the visa officer.

This permit is issued only in certain cases, such as

  • You are inadmissible or barred to enter Canada, yet can convince the visa officer of a valid and justified reason to travel to Canada.
  • It may also be issued in the case that you are already in Canada, and do not meet the requirements of any other program.

However, please note, TRP is only considered under exceptional circumstances, and is similar to humanitarian and compassionate applications.

DurationTRPs are usually for a limited time period, however, in some cases, may be issued for a period of up to three years.

EntryTRPs usually allow single entry, and become invalid once you have departed from Canada. If you need to re-enter Canada and are still inadmissible, you will need to apply for a new TRP.

At times, an officer may approve a multiple entry TRP, and is valid until the period specified on the TRP or until cancelled by an authorised decision-maker.

Permit Category Discretion: If a TRP is valid for at least 6 months, the visa officer may consider issuing a work or study permit.

Conditions for a TRP holder:

Work or Study: TRP holders cannot work or study in Canada unless issued with respective permits.

Exiting Canada: Like any other Canadian permit, TRP holders must leave Canada before the expiry of the permit or apply for a new TRP if they wish to maintain their temporary status in Canada.

Cancelled TRP: If your TRP is cancelled, you are required to leave Canada immediately, or you may be deported.

However, before the cancellation of your TRP, you will receive a letter explaining the reasons for the decision to cancel your permit, and an opportunity to respond and overcome the issues raised.